Avengers 70’s Recast

Recently we sat down to imagine how the Marvel Avengers movie would be cast if it were made in the 70s. Unfortunately podcasts are not a visual medium, so here are our actor choices along with photos from their imdb pages (wherever possible).

Captain America:

Robert Redford, James Garner, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen


Iron Man:

Jack Nicholson, Harrison Ford, Burt Reynolds, Robert Redford


Bruce Banner:

Dustin Hoffman, Richard Dreyfuss, Charles Bronson, Al Pacino


The Hulk:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruno Sammartino, David Proust (in monster makeup)


Ryan O’Neal, Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, Lee Majors


Black Widow:

Linda Carter, Ali McGraw, Cassandra Peterson, Diana Rigg, Farrah Fawcett, Jane Fonda, Jane Seymour, Jaqueline Bisset, Jodie Foster, Lindsay Wagner, Mary Tyler Moore

Note: This list would likely be much shorter if we were casting for more than one female character.


Max von Sydow, Frank Zane, John Travolta, Rutger Hauer, James Caan


Nick Fury:

Richard Pryor, John Hurt, Charlton Heston, Peter Falk


Bonus Pic of Nick Fury and Agent Coulson:



Jeff Goldblum, Tim Curry


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